Since the age of five, James Wilde has been painting. Her Mom not only encouraged this artistic ability but also educated James with art history and museum trips. By the time she was in her teens, James had incorporated design and fashion into her portfolio and had her first commissioned mural.


Her work features her passions, outlandish felines, extreme colors and female empowerment that she has developed into a style all her own.

Now in her twenties, James Wilde’s work has become well known in Los Angeles and beyond. In 2107, she received the LA Weekly Street Artist of the Year award. She did commission work for AEG, Stella Rosa Winery and LA Live to name a few. On the fashion side, her stunning and brightly colored James Wilde custom painted leather jackets were called by Forbes “an ultimate holiday gift.”

Today, the James Wilde brand is growing. New products and projects are being developed with some of the most innovative and amazing female designers. Her unique style and bold new presentations can be seen on print, clothing and visual media. James is also incredibly active in the animal rescue community and devotes a considerable amount of time trying to make sure every cat and dog will find a great home.